Teacher Training


Sadhana West Yoga Immersion and 200Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Rooted in ancient wisdom and part of a lineage thousands of years old, this comprehensive course is designed for all students who wish to deepen their yogic knowledge and personal practice.

Sadhana West Yoga is a Yoga Alliance 200HOUR Registered school in the tradition of Para Yoga and the Himalayan Institute. We offer an in depth immersion in the practice and teaching of Yoga led by teachers with decades of teaching experience coupled with serious personal practice and global citizenship. Whether you wish to become a registered yoga teacher or simply delve deep into yoga dharma, our aim is guide each student through a period of self-inquiry and progressive practice (vinyasa krama) that leads to personal transformation and dynamic teaching. We meet each student where they are today, whether they are a brand new beginner or a 30 year practitioner, and design a personal practice to help them reach their goals and aspirations while living their most abundant and authentic life.


Katherine "Kitty" Moore, E-RYT is the director of the program and the senior teacher. She has designed a training program to incorporate the principles of Para Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta, Hatha and Ayurveda. The core principle of this training is to move beyond limitation.  Juicy, radical, personal transformation through experiential learning. Our name, Sadhana West, says it all: applying the wisdom of the ancient seekers to the modern world. Our goal is to give you the tools to live the most authentic, passionate and abundant life on all levels.

Kitty will be assisted in these trainings by several accomplished local and nationally known teachers, including Asha Wolf (Bio-Mechanics), Allie Geer (Energetics, Therapeutics, Sequencing), D'Anne Rudden (Chakras and Seva), Jaimie Epstein (Sanskrit)and Mary Hoppe (The Art of Adjustment).

Each training will be kept small in order for each student to receive individual attention not just to their teaching skills but to their personal asana, pranayama and meditation practice. We believe that you cannot teach what you haven't practiced in depth. In other words, you need to own it before you can give it away. Therefore each student will be guided through a progression of practices over the course of the training that they will then feel comfortable and qualified to teach.

We will dive deep into the well of Yogic Wisdom as we study both modern and ancient texts including The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, The Bagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

2018 - 2019 Year-Long Yoga Immersion and 200 Hour Teacher Training
September 2018-June 2019, 1 Weekend a month.

Hours: Friday:  6-9pm
Sat.:  8am-3:00pm
Sun.:  8am-1:00pm
2 Private Lessons per month.

2018 - 2019 Year-Long Yoga Immersion and 200 Hour Teacher Training proposed Dates:

September:  7-9

October:  12-14

November:  2-4

December:  1-3

January:  11-13

February:  8-10

March:  8-10

April:  5-7

May:  3-5

June:  1-3,  28-30

The regular price for the training is $2650.00.
A non-refundable deposit of $500 holds your place.
Our Early bird discount for those who sign up on the open house is $100.
If you sign-up and pay in full by August 30th you will receive another $100 off, bringing the price down to $2450! This tuition is non-refundable.

If you need to spread out your payments you can pay in weekly installments.
$2650 - $500 Deposit - $100 EBD= $2050 divided into 12 monthly payments = $170 a month.                     
Longer payment plans with lower payments can be arranged. Please talk to us if finances are an issue.

All students currently signed up for auto-pay at The Hidden Yoga Studio receive an additional 10% discount on all workshops and trainings.

All training takes place at The Hidden Yoga Studio, 361 2nd. Ave, Unit 201, Niwot, CO 80544

To sign-up, or for more information, please contact Kitty at 303-709-6243 or email Kitty.