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Wine +Cheese Fundraiser for NARAL and our local family health clinics! Tuesday, 7-8:30pm at Kitty's house


Hi Yogis!
I'm holding a fundraiser for NARAL and some of our local family health clinics at my house Tuesday, July 10th from 7-8:30pm.

Women's health is currently in crisis here in the US and right here in our community fake health clinics are popping up and lying to patients about their religious purpose and about the women's conditions.
The parents in our community will be distressed to know that the same people who are running the fake clinics are the people who bring "Self-Esteem" workshops into our local junior and senior high schools and ask the kids to do role playing. In Erie recently, a 13-year-old girl was asked to role play a girl who got pregnant, had an abortion and then her boyfriend commits suicide over the abortion. Yes. You read that correctly. I can't begin to address all the things that are wrong there.
Legislation has passed in several states already making it legal for doctors to lie to women patients and to withhold information even when asked directly for it. The current administration is trying to defund any family health clinic (Including those who don't offer abortion services) that gives women information about abortion when asked for it. Yes, they are attempting to make it illegal for women to receive medical information.

It is now legal in many states for a pharmacist to refuse to fill your prescription for birth control on religious grounds. Birth control.
Please join us for a night of straight talk, facts, fundraising and copious amounts of chardonnay!  Find out how you can help keep the future of women's health and women's rights safe and secure in our community!

If you would like to attend, the address is 2three21 Watersong Circle, Longmont.
Please email or call me at 303-709-6243 with any questions.