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Energy Playshop with Asha Wolf!

  • the Hidden Yoga Studio 361 2nd Ave. Unit 201 Niwot, CO, 80503 USA (map)
Asha Wolf

Asha Wolf

Let's come together for a few hours and explore energy! Yes, energy- that force that we may not be able to see or define, but that we can certainly feel! We might call it a vibe, or good juju, prana or qi. In this playshop we will explore fun ways to feel this energy, and then connect, build, channel, move and transform it! As we open ourselves up to sensing and feeling energy, we end up tapping into another dimension- a dimension that is always there and one that we can choose to be aware of at any time.

In this fun exploration, we will use very simple exercises that everyone can do. These easy techniques will invite all of us to experience our subtle energy body and the subtle energy fields in and around us.

Intrigued? If you are the least bit curious...come play with us!!

Register on-line through The Hidden Yoga Studio.

Sunday, September 23rd from 10:30am - 1:00pm
Cost: $40 pre-registration ($45 the day of)

Asha holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has been teaching yoga since 1992. Asha brings the healing arts to her clients through yoga, movement, visualization techniques, Reiki and a variety of therapeutic body-mind modalities.