A flowing practice where postures are linked with sun salutations and breath. Each teacher will bring a different style to the flow but each will warm you up, challenge you with standing postures, balance poses and twists. You’ll be given options for backbends, inversions and core work and then cooled down with hip openers and forward bends. You’ll enjoy a luscious savasana before heading out into the world relaxed and energized!  All levels.

This is a well-rounded class with time to work the details.  This is where you learn great habits and fix not so helpful ones.  Build a great yoga practice from the foundation up! All Levels, great for beginners and anyone who wants to work their alignment, form and breathing.

A delicious passive stretching class designed to give your mind and body a mini vacation. The class is done entirely on the floor while you are supported with props. Each posture is held passively for several minutes giving your nervous system a needed break and restoring and revitalizing your body and mind. Bliss! All Levels.

Yin Yoga
The sister wing of our more active yoga practices; it's benefits include increased flexibility, reduced stress and better sleep. Practiced almost entirely on the floor with plenty of cushy props, Yin's mindful, longer holds bring awareness and resilience to the deeper, connective tissues of the body. Yin is the perfect compliment to yang styles of Yoga and adds balance to both our Yoga practice and our hectic lives. Soothing music, low lighting and awareness of breath will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! All levels.

Pre-Natal Yoga
This one hour class is for moms-to-be at any stage of pregnancy, and is priced the same as all our other classes. The class will guide students through a slow flow vinyasa where the work is united with the breath. Focus will be on the inside and out - leading expectant mothers through a class filled with love, asana and relaxation.

Lunch Time Reboot!
This class begins with 5 minutes of centering followed by 35-40 minutes of vinyasa flow to warm you up, stretch out those work-day kinks and get your breath flowing and your blood pumping. Then you'll lay down and cozy up for 15-20 minutes of Yoga Nidra to refresh and reboot for the afternoon. Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. Your lying down, cozied up with blankets and a cloth for your eyes, while the teacher talks you through a series of visualizations. Your job is to simply to be effortless and let go of your to-do list and let yourself deeply relax and rest. You might fall asleep, and if you do that's fine. A workout and a nap/deep meditation- Yum! You might not need the afternoon cup of coffee after this!


I attended Allie's prenatal yoga class religiously from 11 weeks of pregnancy up until the birth of my son. It was the best hour of my week! She creates a welcoming space to take some time out to reflect on just you and your baby. Every session is different since she listens to what her students would like to get out of the hour that day. It is a great mix of progressions on poses so you feel yourself improve over time and other special targeted moves as needed or requested to manage pregnancy aches and pains, even adding in myofascial release work. Her prenatal class design is rooted in deep knowledge so I always felt not only safe with modifications but that I was truly doing my body good in prepping for birth. I love the community Allie creates; it was so great to grow (literally and figuratively!) in her class along with other pregnant mamas-to-be.
- Molly